Video Gaming Parties

Video Gaming Parties at The Bounce House
All Video Game Party Packages Include:
90 minutes of gaming
30 minutes in a private party room
All paper goods (tablecloths, utensils, napkins, plates)
Party coordinator to assist with set up, clean up, serving cake and drinks, recording birthday gifts

Additional Costs:
Whole pizzas are $14 for a large, 1-topping with 10 slices
Pizza/drink combo is $2.95 for two slices of pizza and a drink
One dozen balloons are $10
Filled goodie bottles are $3.50 each (or $2 unfilled)
Ice cream cups are .50 each
2 liter bottle of soda is $2.50 each
Invitations for $5 ($2.50 for mini-parties)




We do not permit outside balloons, pizza or ice cream to be brought in. These items must be purchased directly from The Bounce House.  Please call several weeks in advance to ensure you get the timeslot and date you want.  If you are looking for a bakery to purchase your cake, we highly recommend Jill's Cakes and Bakes.  Their website is and phone number is (678)493-7277.  

Mega Video Gaming Party

  • Up to 25 children
  • Full access to both the Gaming Room & Rock Band Room with exclusive use of all games on both platforms - Wii and XBox 360.
  • $350 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday timeslots
  • $325 for Tuesday and Wednesday timeslots
  • Pizza/drink combos for the children attending the party

Classic Video Party

  • Up to 14 children
  • Full access to the Game Room with full use of all games for Wii and Xbox 360
  • $225 for Friday, Saturday, Sunday timeslots or $200 for Monday-Wednesday timeslots

Mini Video Party

  • 10 children
  • Full access to the Game Room with exclusive use of all games for Wii or Xbox 360
  • $180

Laser Tag Add-On

  • 30 minutes of laser tag can be added on to any video party package for an additional $30.  If you would like to add laser tag on to your video gaming party package, make sure to mention this at booking as these timeslots are very limited.